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Saturday Morning Spin Class


I head to The Bay Club this morning to teach spinning. It will most likely be the last one I teach as the schedule heats with events this summer and I have less free time. It's the perfect time to get crazy on bikes indoors with weather weather today.  Here's the class outline so you can get crazy, too.  The music we will be spinning our legs to can be found here on Spotify. Warm Up 15 min:  7 min Ez pedal w/ light resistance. Then, shift through gears: over the next 8 min, + 2 gears on :30, take away a gear after :30, and continue to follow this shifting pattern until the 15 min. is up.

Main Set

"Hills":  +++ resistance to simulate a moderate hill.   10x (add a gear every :30 for :90, :15 recoveries) 70-80 RPMS

1 min recovery spin (light intensity)

Short Pyramids: Cycle through the following 5x, every :30 perform 1) seated jog (light ez spin w/ high cadence) 2) seated sprint 3) seated climb (increase resistance) 4) standing climb ( + more resistance) 5) isolation (out of saddle, no upper body movement or swaying, use core) 6) hover (out of saddle, back is parallel with top tube to work hamstrings) 7) seated sprint.  No breaks, continuous effort with active recovery on #1.

1 min recovery spin

Hills Ladder: +++ resistance to simulate a steep hill.  Pedals should be hard to turn over.  Perform the following:  1 min climb / :15 recovery period, backing off on resistance. 2 min climb / :30 recovery, 3 min climb / :45 recovery, 4 min climb / 1 min recovery

3 min recovery spin with 5, 5-sec spin-ups at the top of each minute

Sustained Standing Climb: +++ resistance to simulate a moderate-to-steep hill.  Should feel like you're pushing a big gear.  Stand up and cycle for 8 minutes.  Cadence is 50-60 RPMS.  Effort should be sustainable yet hard to hold a conversation.

Cool Down for ~5 min with an ez spin down, gradually lowering cadence from 100++ RPMS down to ~75 RPMs