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1st Bicycle Coalition of Maine Mountain Bike Clinic is a hit!


Last week the Bicycle Coalition of Maine - the people who have our backs and advocate for our rights to share the roads with vehicles - hired me to hold mountain bike clinics and skill rides for our community. This is a FREE offering for the participants! I held the first of hopefully many tonight with 2 beginnermediate-level riders. I saw a huge increase in their comfort level while on the bike over the course of the clinic - Mission accomplished! Now we just need to get the word out so the community can take advantage of this! Read on about how the cli

Body position (being centered and balanced on the bike) and descending with confidence were the 2 main focuses during tonight's clinic on the Gorham trails.
After learning correct body position, we pedaled out to the first couple of descents near the high school and sessioned the hills. 
The participant's finished the clinic with some new tools to whip out their back pockets while shredding the trails (and their instructor had fun, too 😉). 
Join me for more skills practice the last ride and clinic of the month next week! Register here: